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Below are some of the best articles I have ever written. They include interesting articles to read on everything including how to develop self-reliance, how to stop being lazy, and a detailed look into why impatience is a virtue.

I started writing articles on this website back in 2009. When I started out, I wanted to write articles that are interesting not just to me, but to you, the reader. I wanted this website to become home to some of the most interesting reads online, combining short, informative, and thought provoking articles in one place.

Since then, I’ve written hundreds of interesting articles for this website and for numerous newspapers and magazines. The best articles have made it onto this page. Scroll down to view them in reverse chronological order, or to read some of my best articles for other publications, head to the about me page.

If you only read a handful of my articles, here’s where I suggest you start:

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Below is a list of all of my articles for this website, ordered by most recent: