I’m Benjamin Spall, the co-author of My Morning Routine (Portfolio/Penguin) in which today’s most talented creatives and businesspeople share their secrets to unlocking greater energy, focus, and calm—starting first thing in the morning. (I’m also the founding editor of a website of the same name.)

In the book my co-author Michael Xander and I interview a cast of characters including the president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, Ed Catmull, Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo, and General Stanley McChrystal (among sixty-one others). For more on what I’m thinking about right now, head on over to my recent articles on character traits, self-reliance, and the difference between ethics and morals.

I’ve written for outlets including the New York Times, the New York Observer, Quartz, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, CNBC, the Huffington Post, 99U, and more.

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Originally from the United Kingdom, I now live in New York City.

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Media Contact

To book me for a television, radio, or podcast interview, or if you would like me to speak at your event, please reach out to my publicist at Portfolio, Marisol Salaman, at (212) 366-2142, or send her an email. (For U.K. enquiries, please contact Mathias Lord.)

Feel free to use this (or a slightly modified version of this) bio:

Benjamin Spall is the founding editor of the online magazine My Morning Routine, and the co-author of a book of the same name. He has written for outlets including the New York Times, New York Observer, Quartz, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, CNBC, and more.


You can email me at this address. (You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.)

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