Benjamin Spall

Thank You

There was a moment, six weeks ago, while writing article after article and recording interview after interview, that I thought “I need to update my blog telling people that my book is on sale!”

While this may be a little after the fact now, I just want to say thank you to everyone who bought the book, gifted it to someone else, or (to be honest) even just lent it to a friend or family member, or picked it up from your local library. That was really cool of you.

The book has been chosen as one of Amazon’s best business books of 2018, one of the Financial Times books of the month, and one of Business Insider’s best business books to read this summer. If you’ve not done so already, you can order the book now in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and a number of other countries. We currently have translation deals in I think five different countries, the first of which, Mein Morgen Ritual, comes out in Germany on October 8.

Thank you again, and if you enjoyed the book don’t forget to review it! Reviews are the lifeblood of books; even if you haven’t finished mine yet, consider reviewing someone else’s book in the meantime. I promise they’ll appreciate it. ∎

Benjamin Spall is the co-author of My Morning Routine (Portfolio/Penguin). He has written for outlets including the New York Times, New York Observer, Quartz, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, CNBC, and more.

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