Benjamin Spall

Mein Morgen Ritual

I remember the first time something I wrote was translated into a different language. It was a piece I’d written for the Huffington Post about a week before that was doing pretty well. I received an email in Korean with clear Huffington Post branding that directed me to this article (here’s its English counterpart).

I was excited. A few days later the same piece came out in Spanish and German. The excitement continued.

All this is to say that the first translation edition of My Morning Routine, pretty wonderfully titled Mein Morgen Ritual, is available in stores across Germany now! I received my copies in the mail a couple days ago, and it feels pretty great. Despite my co-author Michael being German, I can’t read or speak a word of it, but it’s fun to flick through all the same.

For those asking, the next translations coming up are Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), and Russian. Working hard on getting some more translation editions (I’m batting hard for Portuguese, Spanish, and French) solidified in the near future. ∎

Benjamin Spall is the co-author of My Morning Routine (Portfolio/Penguin). He has written for outlets including the New York Times, New York Observer, Quartz, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, CNBC, and more.

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