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There’s nothing in life more motivating than a world map. As I write this, my world map is staring down at me, wondering desperately when I’m going to get around to looking up the exact coordinated that separate the newly created north and south Sudan (it’s going to have a long wait).

I look at my world map several times a day. It’s had a few different locations in it’s time, but as it stands it’s resting a couple of feet above my desk in my bedroom, distracting me at every turn.

I honestly believe if you can look at a world map without feeling a huge sense of urgency mixed with a feeling of “FUCK, THIS IS EVERYTHING” I don’t know what kind of person you are. I currently have friends all over the world that I can keep track of on my map. I look at myself here in Granada in relation to my former home of London, and I look over at that vast block of land called the U S of A which is calling me in on a near daily basis, thankfully, in a soft Californian accent.

To look at any single part of a world map for more than a couple of minutes will make me feel like the rest of the world doesn’t matter. How can anything better what I’m looking at right now? Then a moment will pass, and as quickly as I gave my allegiance over to one country, I’ll move on, moving over to Asia, Australia, French Polynesia, and I’ll think yet again; “This is everything”.

If you don’t own your own physical world map, I suggest you grab yourself one at the next available opportunity. Google maps is great—believe me, I’ve spent many a night exploring the varying streets of the world—but in my opinion, nothing can measure up to the sense of freedom and enjoyment looking up at a physical world map can give you.

After all, this is everything.


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10 thoughts on “World Maps

  1. Enjoyed your thoughts, Benjamin. The completeness of a world map is alluring.

    Whenever I come across a world map, I get that feeling that I need to stop what I’m doing and look it over like a masterpiece that immediately steals my attention and always leaves me fascinated. Indeed it was simply the title “World Maps” that pulled me here. Say no more. Best of luck getting to your next destination.

    1. Gracias Mitchell, I reckon I’d get significantly more work done if it wasn’t for my world map being placed directly above my desk, but where would the fun be in that?

      Thank you for your comment :)

    1. I’ve recently been learning about the different inaccuracies in certain world maps due to the difficulty of turning a spherical object into a flat object. It’s pretty mind blowing (don’t even get me started on the Australian map).

      That said I love my world map for it’s portability, I was amazed it survived in my backpack so well on the way over here, but I totally hear your point!

  2. Ah yes, looking at somewhere like Paris and thinking of all the adjoining countries I could visit within a day or two. Don’t get me started on North-West Africa.

    And how come Niall pipped me for first place!?

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